Corporate Meetings

Gathering of employees or representatives of a commercial organization. Usually, attendance is required and travel, room and most meal expenses are paid for by the organization.

Executive Retreats

A retreat is any time you intentionally set aside a period of time, away from work with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions. This time allows you the ability to get your group back on track, re-energized and focused.

Incentive Trip

A vacation awarded to employees as a bonus in order to motivate them. The last type of trip that we’re going to touch on, then we’ll kind of delve into what it all means, is incentive travel.

Conferences & Trade shows

An exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. Generally trade shows are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives and members of the press.


A road show is a presentation made about an investment opportunity usually given by a representative of a company at the offices of potential investors.

Web & Software Development

We are providing web, mobile and software development and maintance services. We have expertise to provide web solutions in diffrent open source and platforms. We can provide custom solutions.

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